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Advance Praise for Hidden Gems: Margaret Getchell LaForge

“Stephanie Forshee has gifted readers with a tale of glittering strength and inspiration. Now more than ever, young readers need stories that bring history to life and celebrate the legacies of trailblazing women who not only witnessed history, but shaped it. Both entertaining and educational, this book will show readers what it means to dare, dream, live big, and lead.”

—Allison Pataki, New York Times best-selling author of The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post

“In this fascinating and thoughtfully written account, the author draws upon source material from the great-great-granddaughter of Margaret Getchell LaForge, lending intimacy to her presentation of this trailblazing leader’s life. Succinct and easy to read, this narrative of resilience is well suited to late-childhood and early-adolescent readers, and it inspires with a real-life example of determination and success. This sweet and uplifting work will make a solid addition to school libraries and family storytimes. A child-friendly look at a boundary-defying businesswoman.”

—Kirkus Reviews

“In Hidden Gems, Stephanie Forshee brings to the foreground the important legacy of Margaret Getchell, a woman who overcame adversity and found her towering strength in merchandising, ultimately blazing a trail for many executives at Macy’s and other retail establishments. An accessible, entertaining, and timeless read.”

Paula A. Price, Independent Director & Strategic Advisor for publicly-traded and private companies, and Former EVP & CFO of Macy’s Inc.

“As a self-proclaimed Chief Troublemaker, I resonate deeply with Margaret Getchell LaForge. She is exactly the type of powerhouse woman who deserves a place in history. Margaret may have led Macy’s during the Gilded Age, but her inspiring story could not be more relevant today. I’m confident Hidden Gems will empower a whole new generation of girls to dream big and be bold and brave enough to go where no one’s gone before.”

— Shelley Zalis, Founder & CEO of The Female Quotient

“Margaret Getchell was a pioneer with an astonishing legacy. Margaret paved the way for women in retail and business everywhere. Stephanie Forshee beautifully illustrates in Hidden Gems that every little girl and boy can grow up to be a leader in business.”

— Chelsea Grayson, interim CEO of Spark Networks and former CEO of True Religion and American Apparel

“Hidden Gems for Kids: Margaret Getchell LaForge is a fantastic contribution to children’s literature. Women’s stories are still hidden in the shadows of American history. This series proves that there are still many fascinating and inspiring women to be discovered.”

— Robin Gerber, author of Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way and Barbie and Ruth

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